Speedy Grid

The Worlds First Scheduling Solution For Gymnastics Facilities.
Made by a Gym Owner, For Gym Owners!
Schedule your rotations at lightning fast speeds!

Speedy Grid™ can help you save up to $2,250 per year of your time!

Research shows that gym owners spend 15 to 20 hours per quarter scheduling their gym's equipment and classes. Assuming that you're paying yourself $30 per hour, that means you're spending $600 per quarter ($2,400 per year) in direct costs to schedule your gym. Your indirect costs of losing 30 hours with your athletes is immeasurable. That's where we come in.

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"Speedy Grid™ is quickly becoming a valuable tool in keeping our gyms moving smoothly and reducing overlaps. We’ve been able to identify space for additional groups which made Speedy Grid pay for itself."

-Futures Gymnastics
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"It has made scheduling for the week much smoother and mistakes can be fixed easily. I can do as many weeks or months in advance as I want and just print them out when ready to go. Coaches having access through their own portal is also a plus!"

-Rainbow Gymnastics
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"Speedy Grid™ has made scheduling all things in the gym easier. We have cheer, recreation classes, JO and Xcel, so it is nice to be able to do a schedule and make sure we aren't overbooked on an event. It's great that its affordable and created by a gym owner who understands what goes on in the gym!"

-Dutchess County Gymnastics
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"Speedy Grid™ has revolutionized the way we manage our rotations! Why waste hours of time doing it by hand when a computer can do it for you in moments."

-Kentucky Gymnastics Academy

Why Choose Speedy Grid™

Speedy Grid™, is a rotation scheduling solution for gym owners brought to you by a gym owner. Our founding team understands your issues as a gym owner because our founding member lives those same issues everyday. At Speedy Grid™ we understand that administrative tasks, such as scheduling, assigning instructors, and general gym management get in the way of the most important thing, the athletes!

So at Speedy Grid™, we want to help you focus on bringing the highest quality gymnastics instruction to your young athletes, and not waste time schedule rotations for your gym! Speedy Grid™ is an easy solution to your scheduling needs allowing you to put your focus where it needs to be, your athletes!

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How We Can Help

  • Speedy Grid™ will build your rotations on the fly, or you can build Master Grids for an A/B Rotation system. Either way sit back, relax and focus more on your gym and not paper work.

  • Add all the equipment in your gym and let us do all the hard work for you. No more guess work of who is using what equipment, now you'll know with Speedy Grid™

  • You can add your classes to Speedy Grid™ by hand or make your life easy and just import them from you favorite class management system. We are integrated with Amilia, Jackrabbit, and IClassPro. Don't see your class management software let us know and we will get it added for you.

  • Let Speedy Grid™ Tell you how your classes are doing. With our Analytics screen you'll see at lightning fast speeds what your classes have been doing in their rotations. No more guessing how much time they spent on a peice of equipment, with Speedy Grid™ you will know.

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